The Office Thermostat aka The New Hunger Games

When you work in an office setting I think having to mesh with others residing in the office is the hardest piece to deal with.  I don’t generally like many people so you can imagine the limitations set upon me while working in an office.  As of late the issue has been the office thermostat which is like a lord of the flies, survival of the fittest kind of game.


It’s like being in the wild where the larger animals and majority rule.  My office primarily being boys who apparently have an inner furnace makes for a daily artic adventure without the adventure part.  Sitting for eight hours while the air conditioner blows in the winter time is not my idea of a functional work environment.  And mind you I know it’s not my house where I am likely to be comfortable all the time, I have sweaters and even a light jacket I will put on but do you see the apes trying to bring in a desk fan or wear short sleeves?  Not likely because they rule the school, the sweaty boy to even temperature girl in this place is pretty steep.


News flash losers, you do not work alone in a building that could double as a ghost town, there are actual live humans that reside in the office all day long with you.  Take a menopause pill, drink some cold water, bring in a fan, dress for summer, put some ice in your pants just chill the fuck out on the air conditioner.  When my hands are so cold I can use them as cold presses to relieve the bags under my eyes this is a problem…..


About sarahleelopez4377

An artistic, photography loving, woman empowering, independent, witty spoken, mom, wife and sarcasm lover make for an interesting recipe when thrown all together in the blender of life! I'm Sarah the multi-faceted, multi-tasker behind Sarah Lee Photography!
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6 Responses to The Office Thermostat aka The New Hunger Games

  1. Sahara says:

    I’ve been running a hotter this winter, probably because of the little water heater in my uterus.

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  2. haha..put some ice in your pants.

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  3. Kevin says:

    Thank goodness I work by myself. Well, I do head my cat Mr. Mittens and my imaginary stalker Cyndi to help me get through the day. At least they can’t complain about the heat or coldness of my heart, er, my office. Good post and thanks for sharing!

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  4. Gail says:

    This is so true! I’ve worked in many offices, but my most memorable experience with the battles of the thermostat is when I worked in a fitness center. Depending on each member’s ability to tolerate sweat, the number of them who would march up to the thermostat prompted the owner to install a cover with a lock. You should’ve seen the rage – that alone must have burned a few calories.

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